Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Parental Alienation II/Rebuttal to Anonymous

I have obviously hit a nerve with my blog entry about Parental Alienation and my mother with BPD. I received the below comment today and would like to respond. For the full comment plz read the entry entitled "The Words for the Day Are......Parental Alienation." Here are some highlights:

What's unnerving about reading this is that it reminds me of a friend who was eventually Dx'd with Borderline Personality Disorder herself, but before that point, she'd often described her own mother and upbringing in similar terms (e.g. "Mommy Hitler") to what the author describes here. Please consider that if she had it, you may have it too, so get yourself evaluated if you haven't already.

How much of what my friend -- and perhaps this article's author -- "remember" of their mothers' abusive behavior may actually be their own BPD-influenced exaggeration of the fact, perhaps amplifying behaviour that was already warped in actuality by the mother's own BPD to begin with? The circle gets ever more vicious when BPD runs in the family...

July 9, 2008 6:39 PM

Yep, the circle gets very vicious when BPD runs in the family. The circle stays round when people like the above poster sink to the lowest common denominator and rather than engaging in meaningful conversation or debate they would rather dismiss a persons pain because of a bad experience in their own life. Sorry, honey but I’m not your friend. To paint everyone with the BPD paintbrush because of your own issues is perilously close to black and white thinking-a hall mark of BPD.

Do I have issues? You bet. Do I have BPD? No, I don’t. Take my word or not, I don’t care. Mayo Clinic says I’m cool and they don’t screw around. This blog didn’t get any attention until I wrote about PA. Now it’s getting comments left and right. People don’t like hearing about PA. It goes against every more our society teaches us; that parents don’t abuse; parents always put their children’s interests above their own, etc. Who wants to believe that a parent would willfully and willingly ruin the relationship their child has with the other parent? It’s better to shoot the messenger, right?

When you add BPD and PA together you have a powder keg. Some people try to defuse the powder keg by getting involved in awareness efforts for PA and BPD. Others like to sit back and point fingers, call names, and generally muddy the waters because of their own insecurities and/or issues. Hey, the worlds big enough for both of us.

I have to ask the poster a few questions tho-why go straight to flinging accusations? What’s with the insinuations? Ask any me any question you want but I have to say your comments read like a school girl whose crush didn’t give her a Valentine. You got burned and can’t get a resolution so you come here to stir up trouble.

And what the hell is with this “anonymous” crap? I don’t use my real name, true but come on-anonymous? Are you that high on your horse that you can’t think of a handle?

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Chris said...

I admire you for posting about your pain and experiences. I've read through all of your posts so far. thanks for writing about it. Post this with or without my link - but there's who I am.