Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm sure you all missed me

I haven't posted here for a few months. Had a nasty case of DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis and it was hard to type. But I'm back! Oh happy day. I am sure the whole 5 people who read this are rolling their eyes about now and that's OK. I'm used to it.
This first post for a new year will be short as it's midnight and I really need to start going to work on mondays. I hate mondays. Well, not really; what I really hate is my job; justlike everyone else in the world I want to be doing something else. But, I still have one and for that I am grateful. Kind of. No, really I am........*sigh*
So here are some things for everyone to ponder; things that keep me up late at night. As if I needed a reason.....
1. Do pharmaceutical reps train with real drug dealers or vice versa? I seriously ponder this. Think about it! Reps have their own territories just like dealers have their own corners. They all promise this drug will make you "feel real good" and have little to no side effects. All things dealers have said to me. And hey, when you buy in bulk both give a discount. Ah, capitalism!
2. How can countries in Europe get their drugs and/or treatments for so much cheaper than us average Joe's here in the USA? You really want to know? It's called Universal Health Care and price controls. The big pharma companies will tell you that price controls lower quality and stifle development which in turn stifles available treatments, which leaves people who really need these drugs with no alternatives for their mental health care. Speaking from my LIFE as a child of a mentally ill mother who had rows upon rows of these wonderful free market anitdepressants, I can tell you that zombifying someone with a mental illness is not a treatment. It is, however, a money maker. They make money while children such as my siblings and I worry about basic necessities such as how dad would pay the mortgage when mom's prescriptions ate up a huge portion of the family budget.

These are a few of my thoughts that have been knocking around my head for the last few months. Feel free to comment-keep it clean, keep it in topic, and if you feel a compelling urge to give a poor student money I won't turn it down. :)

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